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Bane Nathos

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Wasilla, AK, us
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After being raised by my uncle most of my childhood, I was thrust into the real world when a Bounty Hunter slew him before my eyes. I appealed to the Jedi but found no help there in my search. In vain I searched until a Sith Master by the name of Ahnk came to my aid. Ahnk and another Sith Zeta taught me many great things and soon I found this bounty hunter and my vengence was complete. With complete loyalty to Ahnk I followed him across the galaxy until his alleged death, which caused the great sith brotherhood to fraction and split. Alone I wandered, slaying those in my way until I met the beautiful bounty hunger Taluah Ariba and after many years as partners married her, she helped me find the light and I worked to pay penence for my evil deeds. Now the world is returning again to black as war destroys my family, my friends, my people, and all the worlds around me...

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Student, Teacher, future Director

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